Technical Grades

Technical Grades

Rahavard Tamin Pharmaceutical Company is the exclusive producer of N-Vinylpyrrolidone NVP and Homopolymers of NVP and
Cosmetic Grades

Cosmetic Grades

The products of our company have plenty of functions in the production of all types of tablets (pharmaceutical
Pharmaceutical Grades

Pharmaceutical Grades

The exclusive producter of RT.PVP indicates the need to knowledge and dynamic proficiency on the one hand and
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Rahavard Tamin Pharmaceutical Company is the exclusive producer of polyvinylpyrrolidone (PVP) in the Middle East. Various PVP grades are widely used in the pharmaceutical industries due to their special properties and solubility in most solvents and water as a pill binder, the production of various types of gel, pharmaceutical and cosmetics, and the raw material for the production of Betadine and in other industries such as detergents, beverages, paints, resins....

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Rahavard Tamin Pharmaceutical Company is a producer of vinyl pyrrolidone homopolymers...

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The company was originally registered under the name " Rahavard Tamin...

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What is a cover cream?
This is the term given to cosmetic preparations which have been created specifically to temporarily cover various forms of skin disorders.  Cover Creams can also be called Camouflage Creams.
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