Application of RT.2P in the pharmaceutical industry (Solvency Assistance)

    Application of RT.2P in the pharmaceutical industry (Solvency Assistance)

    Chemical name: 2-Pyrrolidone
    CAS No.:618-45-5
    molecular structure:

    Molecular formula: C4H7NO
    Molecular weight: g/mol 85.11

    Clear and colorless liquid to pale yellow, water-immiscible and many organic solvents.
    In order to prevent color change and solidification it is best to keep it at a temperature below 25 ° C.

    The primary chemical for the production of many chemical compounds such as methyl pyrrolidone, piracetam, doxapram, otosoxamide.
    • Solvent Aid In Water-Based Digital Printing Ink
    • Helping to distribute a uniform color (pigment), stabilize and maintain the composition of the percentage of pigments in the coating
    • Solubilant for low-solubility pharmaceutical, especially lactose intolerant pharmaceutical such as trimethoprim, oxytetracycline

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