Application of RT.Film in the pharmaceutical industry (tablet coatings)

(Tablet coatings)
Tablets are widely used by pharmaceutical companies for various purposes. RT.Film Co. is a supplier of various materials such as polymer, plasticizer, talc, titan, pigment, etc., which is supplied in both normal and interic. The type of intercourse is special for pharmaceutical that release it in the intestinal gaming environment. Both types of RT.Film are formulated specifically for the specific needs and application of the customer.
Advantages of Tablets:
• Protect pills against environmental factors such as sunlight, temperature changes, humidity, environmental gases, etc.
• Facilitate swallowing
• Cover the taste and odor of the tablet
• Increase the tablet life (expiration date)
• Easy to identify the product using colored veneers
• Providing targeted pharmaceutical release in base environments (intestines)

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