The use of RT.PVP K17 in the pharmaceutical industry

Due to its low molecular mass, it is rapidly dissolved in water and most polar solvents. Therefore, it improves the solubility of materials in polar solvents. It is necessary to prevent particles from clumping and crystallization. This property is particularly applicable to solid and liquid antibiotics. PVPs with higher K-Value, because of higher molecular mass cannot be used in injectable materials.
However, PVP K17 grade is widely used as a cosolvent in veterinary injection drugs. On the other hand, because of its chemical structure (the presence of a lactam ring), PVP can form a complex of many hydrogenated substances such as phenols and carboxylic acids, in particular mineral salts and anionic colors. For this reason, it is also used in water treatment and dyeing applications.
• In the industry of animal and human pharmaceutical
• Production of various membranes with various applications such as dialysis, purification of water and ...
• As a color stabilizer and leveling agent in the textile and fiber industry
• Helping to release pharmaceutical more efficiently

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