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The use of RT.PVP K30 in the pharmaceutical industry

Polyvinyl pyrrolidone is used as a powder and solution in the production of pharmaceutical tablets because of its adhesion properties.
This product is completely compatible and does not interact to other tablet components.
Since PVP K30 quickly forms a clear solution, it is suitable for producing high-solubility tablets. This product can be used as a solubility enhancer in polar solvents for topical and oral applications.
In addition, PVP K30 also plays an important role in emulsion stability and anti-sedimentation.
Polyvinyl pyrrolidone, due to its chemical structure (the presence of a lactam ring), can form a complex with many molecules containing functional groups such as hydroxyl, carboxylic and amine.
• As a binder in a variety of oral tablets.
• Film forming in coated tablets.
• Contribute to the uniform distribution of pigment, stabilization and preservation of the composition of the percentage of pigments in the coating
• Stabilization of suspensions.
It finds use in detergents as an anti-redeposition agent(especially on carbonaceous soil) and as an anti-dyetransfer agent, where it complexes and solubilizes vagrant
dyes keeping clothes more color-pure.

• Essential or auxiliary material in a variety of liquid, glue stick and wound adhesives
• Production of various types of membranes for various applications such as dialysis, water specialization ...
• Containing film in seed veneers to create antimicrobial coating or seed protection and ...
• Color stabilizer and leveling agent for dyeing of all kinds of polyester, woolen and ...
• Anti- crystallization in syrups
• Stabilizing enzymes and thermally sensitive agents