RT.PVP K30 In artificial tear drops

RT. PVP features which has been caused to be used quickly in a wide range of industries include:
1) Solubility in water and more polar solvents
2) biocompatibility with the human body
3) Lack of unpleasant skin sensation
4) The ability to form films
5) Intrinsic adhesion
6) Rheology modifier






Figure 1. Chemical structure of polyvinyl pyrrolidone.

RT. PVP grades in various molecular weights (Table 1) are presented as white powder (or milky) and soluble in water. This polymer can be used as an additive for all products in soluble, suspension, solid(tablets) and gel forms.
Table 1 . RT.PVP grading based on K-value

Mw K-value
10000 PVP K17
50000 PVP K30
400000 PVP K60
1000000 PVP K90

One of the uses of polyvinyl pyrrolidone (povidon) is artificial tear drops. This linear polymers with mucinomimetic properties and have a good retention time. They are often added to cellulose-based solutions to supplement both the aqueous and mucin layers of the tear film to increase wetting of the ocular surface.


Povidon, such as polyvinyl alcohol (PVA), provides good wetting properties to the surface of the cornea and helps patients with mucin deficiency in the eye. Due to the constant dissolution rate, Povidon is an ideal lubricant for artificial tears and improves the solubility of artificial tear formulation.



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