Application RT.Sokalix in the detergent industry

Polyvinyl pyrrolidone, Anti re-deposition agent and Anti dye-transfer agent
RTPVP features that make it quick to be used in a wide range of industries include:
1) Solubility in water and more polar solvents
2) ineffectiveness in terms of physiology and biocompatibility
3) Lack of sensation and unpleasant skin sensation
4) The ability to form a complex with other molecules
5) The ability to form films
6) Intrinsic adhesion
7) Specific Condensation
RT.PVP grades are presented in the form of white powder (or milky) and water-soluble in various molecular weights (Table 1). With the use of Dyer's spray technology in the production of K30 powder, this grade is presented as fine powder with excellent uniformity. The K30 is rapidly dissolved in water due to its lower molecular mass, but the K90 grid, with high molecular mass, is slowly dissolved in water and the final viscosity of the solutions at an equal concentration is greater than the K30 solutions. The adhesion strength of the K90 is greater than the K30.
This polymer can be used as an additive in all oral and non-edible products in solution, suspensions, gels and solids (tablets).

Table 1 . RTPVP grading based on K-value.

Mw K-value
10000 PVP K17
50000 PVP K30
400000 PVP K60
1000000 PVP K90


Polyvinylpyrrolidone is widely used in the formulation of detergents (for colored and black cloth). The unique properties of this additive to clothing products include:
1. Preventing the color of clothing when washed and protecting the color of the fabric.
2. Chlorine neutralizing the city water and reducing the effect of chlorine dyeing during cloth washing with city water.
3. Preventing recurrence of dirt and contamination on the fabric during rinsing and improving the glow of clothing.
Polyvinylpyrrolidone, due to its chemical structure (the presence of a lactam ring), can form a complex of many hydrogenated substances such as phenols and carboxylic acids, in particular mineral salts and anionic complexes. In fact, polyvinylpyrrolidone, by complexing colored materials and pushes, prevents them from reattaching the fabric during a rinse.

Applications Features and Benefits


  • Product Rheology Modifier
  • An effective binder in tablet-like products
  • Emulsion stabilizer and solvent enhancer in liquid products
  • Compatible with colorless and high-performance cleaners
    ( heavy duty detergents)

Fabric Care

  • Agent to prevent color transfer
  • Avoid reinsertion of clothing on clothing
  • Prevents clay-based soils from meeting on a wide range of fabrics Binder and protective enzymes
  • Enzyme stabilizer
  • Compatible with colorless and high-performance detergent formula
  • An effective binder in tablet-based products
    ( heavy duty detergents)

Household Cleaning

  • Product Rheology Modifier
  • Enhancing levels of luminosity
  • Putting on transparent, shiny and colorless films on surfaces
  • Emulsion stabilizer and solvent enhancer in liquid products

Industrial and Institutional Cleaning

  • Helping to distribute uniformly the formula components
  • Product Rheology Modifier
  • Compatible with colorless and wipe-free formula
    (heavy duty detergents)

Polyvinylpyrrolidone is now offered by the manufacturers of basic detergent raw materials such as BASF (Sokalan HP), Sunflower company (sunsurdone S2), Lambson (VipyDone K series) and ... .
A few examples of polyvinyl pyrrolidone detergent formulations provided by American company PQ CORPORATION:




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